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Before and After Products

Model Product Image Item Name Price
BC10 Instanstron Dermark

Instanstron Dermark

Highlights the opening for each follicle lending to great precision. 1 1/4 ounce bottle

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AC10 Instantron Cosmetical Lotion

Instantron Cosmetical Lotion

A soothing flesh-colored cream. Cosmetically covers any minor blemishes and makes an excellent cosmetic base. Available in light or medium shades in...

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AC38 Instantron Post-Epilation Lotion

Instantron Post-Epilation Lotion

Keeps the skin supple and closes the pores.

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BC9 Instantron Pre-Epilation Lotion

Instantron Pre-Epilation Lotion

Antiseptic astringent to make the area to be treated as clean and antiseptic as possible. Easy to apply, dries quickly and refreshingly. 1 pint

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AC27C Jason Tea Tree Cooling Mineral Gel

Jason Tea Tree Cooling Mineral Gel

A deeply penetrating cooling therapeutic gel that helps relax tight, aching muscles, bringing instant relief. Exclusive all-vegetable formula...

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AC6 Kree Green Aftercare Lotion No. 1

Kree Green Aftercare Lotion No. 1

Kree Green Aftercare Lotion No. 1 Contains 12.5" Camphor oil, alcohol and color. 1 quart bottle

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DS8P Love & Kisses

Love & Kisses

Love & Kisses offers protection to skin exposed to soap, shampoo, waving lotions, hair colors, bleaches, wasting compounds and other...

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PFB1 PFB Vanish

PFB Vanish

A roll-on gel formulated to prevent ingrown hairs, razor burn and bumps due to shaving, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis and laser hair removal.

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AC52AA Quench PT

Quench PT

Post treatment balm. Contains 12 botanical anti-inflamatories to reduce redness, swelling and pain. Curcumin Lipsomones to reduce hyperpigmentation....

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ROT Redemption


The first and only USDA certified organic petroleum replacement developed specifically for tattoo artists and collectors - Used during the Tattoo...

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